Quick Tips for Faster Leveling in WoW

Out of all the role-playing games that I played, the World of Warcraft has both the most players and the largest in game map. The thing that I love most about this game is that you can't see everything that World of Warcraft has to offer by just leveling one character. Even if you get one character to level 85, you have not "beaten the game", there is a vast amount of content that you have not explored. Even after hitting the level cap, there is still many things to do. Raids, arenas, dungeons, and battlegrounds await players at the end of the game.

Most players want to level up as fast as they possibly can. Whether it's so you can play with your friends, or just to get to the in game content quicker, a lot of players find leveling alone daunting. There is a massive amount of last available in game, but leveling just like lasting usually requires the player to have a good knowledge of where npcs are located. Also, not all of the quests available to a player is actually useful for their leveling. Many quests actually have very little experience rewards, and so are a waste of time for leveling.

So how do you level up as quickly as possible?

Just by following a few simple rules, anyone can greatly improve their leveling speed even if they are playing a slow leveling class. The quickest way to level your character, of course, is by using a professionally crafted leveling guide such as Zygor's Leveling Guide, but that is really only for hard-core players that want to hit level 85 as quickly as possible.

The first important rule to remember is to be able to manage your time. Just like in real life, slacking off only makes the job last longer. No one is going to level your toon for you! A little player versus player action is a really fun way to kill time, but it's not going to help you level any quicker. Everyone likes playing the auction house for gold, but it's a good idea to restrict your auction house time to either an alternate account or just before you log out.

Sometimes it amazes me the way the players choose to waste their time – – spreading horrible rumors about the other faction in their STDs, getting drunk and singing and dancing on the inn's doorstep, and lying about your road adventures to your guild mates will not help you get level 85 any quicker.

With that being said, there are quite a few methods you can use to gain experience a little bit faster. One of the most well-known methods is by using rest experience. By logging out at an inn, you will receive bonus experience the next time you log back in. This experience isn't that much, but it also doesn't require a lot of effort.

The best way to get extra experience is by using Blizzard's recruit-a-friend program. By getting a friend to sign up for a free trial under your account, you will both receive three times the normal experience rate. I have recently used refer – a – friend for the very first time, and I managed to get four level 85s in just one month. Pretty nice, huh?

Even if you're not using the refer a friend program, teaming up with another player is a good idea. The core experience gained from each kill is a little bit less, but it will allow you to kill monsters much quicker and with much less downtime than alone. Of course, you need to make sure that your partner can hold their own. There is nothing worse than having a deadweight partner.

Ideally, you want to avoid professions for right now. If you are using an leveling guide, you will probably not need any extra gold for equipment. However, if you find yourself needing extra gold, I would recommend picking up a gathering profession. Instead of running back and forth to town, it would be better to make an auction house alt (which lives in front of the auction house and a mailbox). Whenever you run out of bag space, you can mail your loot back to your auction house alt from the nearest mailbox. You really want to have the largest bag capacity that is possible. Having a large bag is arguably even more important than having updated equipment – – you will be amazed at the amount of time that it saves.

Although your toon is constantly learning new skills, only a few of these skills are actually relevant to your build. Be aware of which skills are coming up, and don't head back to town to learn useless skills. You don't need to buy new equipment all the time, it's actually more time efficient to hold off a few levels before upgrading your armor.

Some players like to grind – – I never really understood why, but I suppose that some players may prefer the brainlessness of this method. Despite your preference, questing will always be faster than grinding. The best way to quest is by doing multiple quests in the same area. If you are leveling without the use of a leveling guide, this may be difficult. You will have to manually group all of the quests by area so that you will not have to make trips back to the same area.

Just by keeping your time organized, you will be surprised at how much quicker you level. Follow these steps, and you will find yourself leveling quicker than most other players. Although having an expert leveling guide will make leveling even faster, the important thing is that you won't be wasting time and will reach 85 faster than you think.


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